The result of over 3 years of hard work has created the brand Montres-Militaire and the very first model to be release in May 2013 is the Officier de Marine. All Montres-Militaire watches are hand made in Switzerland.

Creating the Officier de Marine, the most challenging part was not in finding the right movement for the watch. That was the easiest part as we opt for the most trust worthy watch movement that is being used for many well known military theme watches. The Unitas 6497 which contributes to the reliable and stable feature of this watch. It was the decision and ultimately finding the correct material to create the case that was the toughest. We decided from the outset that we want to have a material that is unique and that each case is individually different and ultimately age with time. Even with Bronze there are many material providers out there each with slightly different component of the bronze material. In sourcing the Montres-Militaire Bronze we looked at over 20 bronze provider. The Bronze used in Officier de Marine is unique to Montres-Militaire. It consist of a unique formula of Alloys of copper and tin. The result is a tone of copper that is beautiful to look at when new and even more so when aged.”


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